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European Commissioner Nominates Dutch Foreign Minister and ex Shell Employee to Lead on Climate

Energy Implications of the BRICS Expansion

GEF approves Global Biodiversity Framework

US Court rules in favour of youth climate activists

Egyptian Financial Regulators unveil carbon market regulations

Kenya Passes Law to More Closely Regulate Carbon Markets

Gabon secures first Debt for Nature Swap in mainland Africa

Jakarta JETP Secretariat supports carbon credits for coal phaseouts, but there are concerns over their integrity

BRICS Ministers support strengthening and reform of WTO, condemn CBAM

SA estimates that $1.5bn in SA exports to the EU are at risk because of the CBAM

South Africa and Denmark to lead ministerial discussions on the Paris Agreement’s Global Stocktake

ADB says we need a model to follow for JETP coal phaseouts

Rwanda plans to set a carbon credit price floor

Amazon nations unable to agree on 2030 deforestation goal

China experts open to debt for nature swaps but want an “internally agreed mechanism” first

Ghana Approves Green Minerals Policy to Develop Lithium Industry

Poland to legally challenge CBAM

AfDB and UNEP to establish an Expert Group on Biodiversity Finance

G20 Ministers disagree on Fossil Fuel Phaseout

Major carbon credit standard pauses issuance in Zimbabwe

Kenya does not want to interfere in appointment of COP Presidency

Climate Envoy says US will not pay “Reparations”

Carbon Credit Art. 6.4. Supervisory Body Makes Progress

African Climate Summit to Showcase Continent’s Climate Potential