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Supervisory Body of Article 6.4 agrees to make it easier for LDCs and small business

Uganda plans to start nuclear power generation by 2031

Banks with net zero targets continuing to lend to new fossil fuel projects

COP28 President calls on industry to reduce emissions, focusing on electricity, cement, steel and aluminium

Mafalda Duarte to be the next chief of UN climate fund

Seychelles is first WTO member from Africa to formally accept fishing subsidies agreement

Draft Resolution to the UN Calling for ICJ opinion on Climate Liability Uploaded

EU Parliament Approves a Ban on New Sales of Petrol and Diesel Cars by 2035

Biden appoints new World Bank President

Minister from the UAE calls for a phase out of oil and gas

Kenya looks to set out new carbon market framework by end of February

Malawi intends to generate 5 million carbon credits per year

Portugal and Cabo Verde agree on a Debt for Climate and Nature Swap

US signs an MOU with the DRC and Zambia to strengthen the electric vehicle battery value chain

Bloomberg Analysis Demonstrates that China remains the Largest Investor in Clean Tech

VERRA responds to criticism of Rainforest Offset Credits with its own analysis

IRENA Assembly engages on the development of an African Continental Power Systems Master Plan

Zambia and Zimbabwe seek to benefit from critical minerals

Canada releases new policy guidelines to end international finance for fossil fuels

EU weakens its laws on methane

UN to convene a Climate Ambition Summit in September 2023 to achieve a Climate Solidarity Pact

Civil Society legally challenges South African industrial development zone due to emit 1t CO2e

Taiwan passes a climate law that includes a carbon border tax

Shell settles Nigerian Delta oil spill suit with €15 million