Supervisory Body of Article 6.4 agrees to make it easier for LDCs and small business

At a recent meeting of the Article 6.4. Supervisory Body (Article 6.4 is the successor to the Clean Development Mechanism/CDM under the Kyoto Protocol) agreed to consider, on a case-by-case basis, the inclusion of provisions that specifically address small-scale and micro-scale activities as a means of supporting these businesses in the development methodologies. This would include by providing simplified additionality, baselines, monitoring, calculations and validation and verification. The Supervisory Body also agreed to undertake consultations aimed at small and micro businesses in its future communications and engagement activities. On the more contentious issue of crediting carbon removals, it agreed to consider broader inputs from stakeholders provided in a structured public consultation process. It also resolved to establish an informal working group on removals. Lastly it asked the requested the secretariat to draft activity standards, validation and verification standards, and activity cycle procedures, drawing on the corresponding documents developed for the CDM, duly adapted to take the body’s guidance into account.

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