Non State Actors Call for Agriculture and Food Systems to be Championed at COP28

In an AllAfrica report it was highlighted that only 4% of all climate finance goes to agriculture, with only 1.7% going directly to family farmers. Estrella Penunia, the Secretary General of the Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA), has argued that this needs to be scaled in the form of sufficient direct financing. Professor David Nabarro, Senior Advisor to the COP28 Food Systems Team, believes that COP28 promises to be a watershed moment for food systems transformation, with it being made a top priority of the presidential action agenda. Farmers, businesses, and civil society will be coming out in force to support this critical moment. He stated “At COP28, we’re launching a non-state actor call to action for transforming food systems for people, nature, and climate. This call to action welcomes the Emirates Declaration and supports its implementation. It calls out explicitly the need to develop targets and metrics by COP29 at the latest, so we can be able to report on progress. It also calls out the critical need to respect and value the traditional knowledge of indigenous people and the local knowledge of farmers, fishers, and other food producers.”

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