Malawi fails to allocate carbon levy funds to Environmental Ministry

Zodiak has reported that the Malawi Treasury has failed to remit approximately $4.3 million in carbon levy funds to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Climate Change for environmental conservation programmes, four years after the tax was introduced. Spokesperson for the Treasury, Taurai Banda confirmed that the funds have been deposited into a consolidated government account for national budget use. The levy was introduced as a levy on motor vehicles in 2019. It ranges between $5-18, depending on vehicle cylinder capacity, and was later incorporated into the fuel price to ensure all buyers contribute. The Ministry has now developed guidelines for the Climate Finance Management Fund’s use, with 70% going to community-based projects and 30% for office operations. Stakeholders, including the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources, have criticised the misdirection of funds. Committee Chairperson Welani Chilenga accused the Ministry of Finance of lacking seriousness in funding environmental conservation.

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