IRENA Assembly engages on the development of an African Continental Power Systems Master Plan

A few years ago, African energy ministers tasked the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) to lead the development of a Continental Power Systems Master Plan. The five African power pools selected IRENA and the IAEA to support the continent’s modelling and capacity needs. The master plan is intended to enable Africa to establish transparent energy regulations, enable the development of sustainable power supplies, deal with global environmental challenges, promote environmental improvement, enhance resource-based economic activities, and provide frameworks for international investors to participate in development initiatives within the continent.  In January this year at the IRENA Assembly, IRENA hosted a meeting to update participants on the  steps taken to develop the plan and its role in a clean energy transition. Participants underlined how the plan will facilitating trade with and between power pools. If African countries are unable to meet their clean energy demand, the plan will offer power pool interconnections, which will supply the needed energy at cheaper prices. It concluded that the plan will lower the cost of energy, create a large energy market, and promote the sharing of energy resources. 

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