G20 Ministers disagree on Fossil Fuel Phaseout

Several countries, reportedly led by Saudi Arabia have blocked a move by G20 nations to phase down the use of fossil fuels.  In an outcome statement and chair’s summary (instead of the usual communique which is issued when there is universal agreement) released after discussions in Goa, India, the Chair noted “the importance of making efforts towards phase down of unabated fossil fuels, in line with different national circumstances was emphasized by some members while others had different views on the matter that abatement and removal technologies will address such concerns”. There was also no agreement on the target of tripling renewable energy by the end of the decade. Apparently there were debates on what language to use and how to describe the pathway to cut emissions, as well as disputes around language regarding the climate finance obligations of developed countries and the war in Ukraine. It is noteworthy that the G7 itself could only agree to “accelerating” the phase down of unabated fossil fuels earlier this year.

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