UAE to Put Trade on COP28 Agenda as Australia Joins Climate Club

The UAE intends to introduce a special focus on trade at COP28, as countries are increasingly using trade to pursue their climate and growth objectives. The decision comes as Australia decides to join the G7’s Climate Club, a group that may increasingly see trade used to disadvantage countries with unambitious targets.

WTO Review of EU Trade Policies highlights significant unease about CBAM

The EU’s CBAM and its other green policies came under fire during the EU’s 15th Trade Policy Review at the WTO. China said it would unfairly penalise developing countries, and Russia complained it would fundamentally challenge the structure of global goods flows and the state of competition.

Corporates Embrace US Subsidies as IMF Cautions Against Climate Protectionism

Energy companies are loving the US’s Inflation Reduction Act that seeks to shore up green technologies and supply chains through various financial incentives and the EU is taking its own measures to respond. However, the head of the IMF has cautioned that these moves may come at a cost to developing countries who have limited capacities to compete.