Proposed UN Tax Convention Sparks Hope for African Climate Finance

A recent UN Resolution to develop a global tax convention might stem illicit financial flows and create a more equitable and beneficial tax regime for Africa. The continent has long been championing these reforms, both to better its fiscal health and to enable domestic climate change responses.

Climate change fund replenishment falls vastly short

The latest replenishment of the UN’s climate fund, the GCF, barely moves the needle on what has been historically pledged. It also doesn’t touch sides with the amount needed by developing countries. This bodes poorly for the trust deficit between developed and developing countries at COP28.

Slow progress and small wins at the IMF and World Bank meetings

At their annual meetings in Marrakesh this month, the World Bank and IMF agreed to some incremental reforms, including increasing IMF lending resources, representation for Africa on the IMF Executive Board, and quicker administrative processes for World Bank lending. However, little was achieved on debt reform or capital increases for the Bank.

Looking towards the IMF and World Bank meetings in Marrakech

Looking towards the IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings on 9 October in Marrakech, expectations are that climate related reforms should go beyond much needed capital increases and the re-channeling of SDRs. We discuss a recent report by the African Climate Foundation of what these reforms should entail.

Making the Global Financial System Work for Africa

Building a financing ecosystem that works for Africa requires a systemic transformation of existing approaches to debt, lending practices, the global development finance system, tax and trade. These measures should address the continent’s debt overhang, create a fairer financial ecosystem, and unlock financial flows while preserving fiscal sovereignty.

Urgent Call for Adaptation Investment Plans to Catalyse Adaptation Finance

Adaptation investment planning spur investments in prioritised projects and support the the implementation of adaptation and resilience measures in Africa. In this analysis, Sarah Wewege and Chipo Rusere discuss the advantages of this approach and how it can present a compelling case for investment.

Wrangling over Climate Finance Language in SDG Summit Declaration

The US, the UK and a handful of developed countries have pushed back on climate finance language within a draft declaration on the SDGs ahead of the SDG summit in New York in September. Issues of contention included the manner in which calls to reform the international financial system were phrased, and the establishment of a multibillion-dollar development stimulus plan.

Ruto calls for the creation of a Global Green Bank

Kenyan President William Ruto is looking to radically shake up the global climate finance architecture, proposing that multilateral lenders provide at least $500 billion/year to settle existing debts and free up domestic resources for climate and development priorities. He also wants the establishment of a global Green Bank, financed by carbon taxes and other climate levies.